Chairman′s mailbox is opened

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your years of support. Just because of your support, Hongyuan could come over various difficulties in the 6-year confrontation with OSRAM on intellectual property. And now Hongyuan has eventually broken free and has developed steadily and stepped into a sound development track.

Hongyuan has been focusing on the development of lighting for more than twenty years. Along the way, Hongyuan has established a good friendship with friends around the world. In order to further strengthen exchanges with my friends, the “chairman′s mailbox” is opened. Hope to get your comments and suggestions and all messages in the mailbox will be forwarded to me at the first time, and hope that our further communication will deepen our friendship. With your support, I believe Hongyuan′s future will be extraordinarily bright.

Chairman′s Email:


MSN on line

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