Flood light NO.05-005

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Category:Flood Light

Lamp Source:Smart Dragon Series


Protection Grade:IP65


Package Dimensions:466x640x300

Installation Diameter:

Materials:Die-casting aluminum casing

Applications:Flood lighting places


product features:

1,High-pressure die-casting aluminum and electrical box casing separates appliances from lamp and improves dissipation of high-power lamps and independent sealing

2,Professionally-designed curved surface of induction lamp is more suitable for light source to emit light, with mirror surface reflector

3,Unique lamp buckle design ensures the lamp to be opened and sealed easily and of high sealing level

4,Equipped with our Company’s Smart Dragon LVD induction lamp; high luminous efficiency, long life, excellent color rendering, stable ray and no flash, energy saving, wide color temperature, soft ray, stable light output, etc

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